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Trying to be a one stop Shop

People say we have it all and we are getting there just need to know all that the grower in you needs.

We are going to Have a great Event

Looking at Band and Food and Givaways. Gorilla Grow tent. Cyco nutrients. Smart Pots

Some ask Why???

Some ask why we started this. If we can help people from adding to the 22 a Day list we have done our part. CBD Got my Husband off the Couch. He is the sales manager of the store. He was loosing tomany Vets

10% VooDoo Pricing

Military . First Responders , Medical Staff,  till 13 April

13 April will be our Grand Opening

We have opened a new location,  or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

We are on Face Book and See more deals there.

Our Prices are comparable to the Internet

How are we doing it Because we Buy in Bulk and we are looking at getting Truck loads not just Cases